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At Skipper Law, LLC, one of our specific areas of practice is representing homeowners against HOAs and condominium associations. We are one of the only law firms in Maryland who are willing to stand up to these associations. So, when you need HOA lawyers near you, our law firm is ready to help you defend your rights as a homeowner.

We NEVER represent HOA and condominium associations; instead, we stand up for homeowners who are seeking a just and fair remedy to their disputes. When you need a lawyer to fight the HOA or condo association in your neighborhood, you can trust that we have your interests at heart.

Can You Sue Your HOA?

Wondering how to sue your homeowners association? We have the experience to guide you and help determine if you have a case. If you are a homeowner dealing with an issue or dispute with your association, we are here to offer you our top-notch representation.

We work for you, not for your association, and you can rest assured that we are dedicated to helping you find a satisfactory solution. Talk to one of our Bowie and Crofton HOA lawyers with proven experience to see how they can represent you.

Start with a consultation with our HOA and Condominium association attorneys. Call (410) 919-2121 or fill out our online request form to see if you need a lawyer to sue your condo association.

We can represent clients in a wide variety of HOA/condo association conflicts, including:

  • Difficulty relating to or denial of architectural change applications
  • Preferential treatment of some but not all members of the same community
  • Board dishonesty, self-dealing, or lack of transparency
  • Elements from common area cause injury, illness, or damage
  • Discrimination in the community
  • The Board threatens or engages in collection and adds fees to your account
  • The Board threatens to place a lien on your property
  • Abusive debt collection techniques, including towing or the taking of property rights

Don’t allow association members to abuse their authority and position of trust. They need to be held accountable for their questionable conduct. Skipper Law, LLC has the experience and know-how to find a solution that works for you.

Our Crofton and Bowie HOA/condominium association attorneys can help you assert your rights and make sure that your HOA does not trample on them.

Helping Maryland Homeowners Even the Playing Field

Throughout the years, we have seen the type of abusive behavior and bullying that property managers, homeowners associations, and their legal counsel engage in when it comes to their tenants. Whether you are caught in a cycle of disputing unnecessary fees or you are trying to dispute a fine, we are here to help you.

You deserve to be treated fairly in the community and receive the same treatment that all of your neighbors do. You can rely on us to ensure that justice is served. We fight aggressively for fair treatment in planned communities throughout Maryland.

Call us today at (410) 919-2121 to discuss your issue with our HOA and condominium association law firm.

  • Homeowners Association / Condominium Strong v. Pleasant Prospect Homeowners’ Association, Inc.

    Successfully challenged an HOA’s adoption of an illegal rule requiring our clients to purchase and install a $500 mailbox. After a multi-day bench trial, the Court ruled that the requirement was null and void. Our client’s important victory resolved the matter for the entire community and received national press attention, including stories on the case in The Washington Post, Realtor.com and Reader’s Digest.

  • Homeowners Association / Condominium Tuohey v. West River Yacht Harbour Condominium

    Successfully recovered $300,000 for a condominium owner who alleged that the condominium was improperly placing fines on her account without due process or providing a hearing as required by the Maryland Condominium Act; the board members were hiring companies in which they had a financial interest; and that certain board members and the management agent were taking other actions inconsistent with her property rights.

  • Homeowners Association / Condominium Anonymous v. Anonymous

    Mr. Skipper resolved claims on behalf of his client surrounding allegedly illegal debt collection and violations of the Fair Housing Act. The case, in the Circuit Court of Anne Arundel County, was resolved with Mr. Skipper’s client receiving $150,000.

  • Homeowners Association / Condominium Unit Owner v. Anonymous Condominium

    Successfully resolved a matter for a condominium unit owner whose association failed to disclose known defects to him in his resale certificate at the time of sale.

  • Homeowners Association / Condominium Herauf v. The Elmont Condominium

    Successfully represented Baltimore City condominium owner in a two-day trial where the condominium failed to promptly restore and repair the unit after a structural issue rendered the unit uninhabitable. In addition to a judgment in our client’s favor, we obtained additional settlement proceeds stemming from allegations of illegal debt collection post-trial, the total recovery exceeding $60,000.

  • Homeowners Association / Condominium Clarke v. Steffen

    Successfully represented a homeowner in an Anne Arundel County community whose neighbor (who was the civic association President) filed a petition for a peace order and sought criminal charges against our client, both of which were thrown out. After a multi-day jury trial in Annapolis, the jury ruled in our client’s favor, determining that the neighbor acted maliciously, and without cause, in seeking criminal charges against our client.

  • Homeowners Association / Condominium Pierce v. Maryland Mutual No. Eight, Inc.

    Successfully represented a former condominium board president in Montgomery County challenging his improper removal from the board of directors. After a multi-day hearing, the Montgomery County CCOC ruled in our client’s favor, determining he was improperly removed without cause, thereby reinstating him.

  • Homeowners Association / Condominium Gilchrist v. Parkway Condominium

    Successfully represented Prince George’s County condominium unit owners challenging an improper election. The Circuit Court granted our clients’ request for a temporary restraining order (TRO), invalidating the election and appointing an independent Trustee to oversee a subsequent election.

  • Homeowners Association / Condominium Monterey Condominium v. Tanya Clarke-Brown

    Successfully represented a Montgomery County homeowner and tenant in a matter where the HOA sued to have an emotional support animal removed from the unit. After filing a counterclaim, our clients secured a $30,000 settlement despite the fact that the condominium initiated the litigation.

  • Homeowners Association / Condominium DM v. Anonymous Condominium

    Successfully resolved a case brought by a Prince George’s County tenant in a matter where the condominium regime shut off her water due to her landlord’s failure to pay condominium assessments. A TRO was entered, our client’s water service was restored and the matter resolved favorably for our client.

  • Homeowners Association / Condominium Davy v. Fox Chase Townhouse Association, Inc.

    Successfully represented a homeowner challenging her HOA’s right to place a lien for improperly accelerated assessments and attorneys’ fees. After a trial in the Circuit Court in Annapolis, the Court found that the HOA was not entitled to the lien and awarded a majority of our client’s claimed attorneys’ fees. The HOA appealed, the parties argued the matter before the Court of Special Appeals in Annapolis. The matter finally resolved on confidential terms after our client won both at trial and on appeal.

  • Homeowners Association / Condominium Various Lien Challenge Actions

    Skipper Law has handled many cases called lien challenge actions whereby we file lawsuits on behalf of homeowners challenging their Association’s right to place a lien on their property. These claims are unique, are rarely litigated and require expertise in Condo/HOA law. The Davy case mentioned below is one of many lien challenge cases handled by Skipper Law.

  • Homeowners Association / Condominium Various Covenant Disputes/Architectural Disputes

    Skipper Law regularly represents homeowners involved in disputes over Architectural Review Committee compliance, including fence issues, landscaping issues, issues with objects on porches, and others issues related to homeowners’ use and enjoyment of their property.

  • Homeowners Association / Condominium Various Neighbor Disputes

    Skipper Law regularly represents property owners in disputes with their neighbors in associations, including when a property owner’s use and quiet enjoyment of the property is affected.

  • Homeowners Association / Condominium Fair Housing Issues

    Skipper Law regularly advises and assists property owners with reasonable accommodation and reasonable modification requests to provide our clients the equal opportunity to use and enjoy their homes.


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