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As a business owner or employee, you likely deal with a wide range of issues at work. Employment-related disputes are one of the most common types of claims we handle at Skipper Law, LLC. Our Bowie and Crofton employment attorneys and legal team have hands-on experience resolving a wide variety of labor and employment disputes, and we are ready to represent you.

At Skipper Law, LLC, we believe in promoting a fair and just work environment for employees and employers alike. At the same time, we also understand the stresses and risks that business owners face. Whether you are an employer who has been presented with a claim of discrimination or an employee seeking overtime pay, we are here to help.

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Helping Clients Navigate Complex Employment Disputes

At our firm, we understand just how frustrating and difficult it can be to deal with employment-related issues. For employers, such conflicts have the potential to jeopardize your business operations. For employees, a dispute could place your job security and career at risk.

We are here to handle things as discreetly and professionally as possible. As with most legal matters, we believe in finding solutions that are practical, balanced, and cost-effective.

We handle a wide range of employment cases, including the following matters:

  • Age, gender, race, or sexual orientation discrimination
  • Pay-related disputes
  • Overtime-related disputes
  • Wage-related disputes
  • Illegal deductions
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission cases
  • Collective bargaining cases (union)

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Get Cost-Conscious Employment Law Solutions

Are you aware of suspicious employment practices in your workplace? Do you feel that you have been the victim of discrimination or other unfair practices? If so, you should consult with a lawyer to see how you can protect your best interests. At Skipper Law, LLC, we have in-depth experience handling employment claims in Crofton and Bowie, providing fair and cost-effective answers to workplace disputes. Because we have significant trial experience, we are prepared to do whatever it takes to help you seek a favorable resolution of your case.

  • Employment D.H., et al. v. Challenger Transportation

    Mr. Skipper represented a class of 44 plaintiffs who had been employed as transportation drivers for the Defendant employer. Plaintiffs alleged in the lawsuit that they were required to report to work at a set time, but would be made to wait until they were given a route or sent home. Plaintiffs alleged that they were not paid for waiting time, and were not paid for time spent driving to the first route in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The case resolved on confidential terms.

  • Employment J.T. v. Anonymous Employer

    Ms. Skipper represented a woman who was being paid less than her male counterparts with comparable experience. After a lengthy demand and negotiation process during which Mr. Skipper alleged and proved Equal Pay Act violations, the parties resolved the case with the employer raising Mr. Skipper’s client’s annual salary about 15% and paying her substantial backpay.

  • Employment R.J. & W.H. v. Anonymous Employer

    Two police officers were passed over for a potential promotion that was given to less qualified colleagues without a competitive process and without the chance to interview for the position. Mr. Skipper brought claims of discrimination on behalf of his clients, and the case was resolved on favorable terms.


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