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When Should You Get an HOA Attorney to Stop HOA Abuse?

Homeowners’ associations (HOA) and condominium associations are supposed to help keep neighborhoods clean and beautiful. However, many HOAs have gained notoriety for overstepping their boundaries and becoming downright oppressive. Knowing what to do when facing an HOA board member's abuse of power is critical. 

Homeowners can feel like they are being shoehorned into designing or decorating their home a certain way, or others may feel as if they are paying an HOA a monthly fee for virtually no services in exchange.

When things get out of hand and an HOA goes too far, the situation can be less of an annoyance and more of an actual abuse of power. What are you supposed to do to stand up for yourself against an HOA that seems to be the one controlling whether or not you are allowed to live in your own house? Contacting an HOA attorney is a great first step.

When you should contact an HOA attorney for guidance or representation:

  • HOA demands you make expensive architectural changes to your property
  • HOA denies you the right to make architectural changes to your property
  • You are discriminated against by the HOA due to a protected class
  • Other members of the HOA community receive preferential treatment
  • HOA board will not share with you important documents
  • HOA board meetings shut out HOA members
  • Common area damage or defect causes you to suffer an injury, illness, or other harm
  • HOA board increases your fees without due cause
  • HOA board threatens your wellbeing or your right to residency
  • HOA board attempts to put a lien on your property
  • You are targeted by aggressive debt collection techniques
  • You have questions about permitted HOA activity
  • You need your HOA agreement reviewed

An HOA Attorney You Can Trust

The problem with many HOA attorneys is that they represent either homeowners or homeowners’ associations. How can you trust a lawyer to do what is in your best interest when they receive paychecks from the same HOA you are trying to challenge?

At Skipper Law, we are aware of how some law firms can seem to try to play both sides of the fence and the problem with trustworthiness that creates. For that reason, we never represent HOA or condominium associations. We only represent homeowners like you. If you believe you may be the victim of unfair or illegal conduct, you can trust in us to be there by your side and leveling the playing field.

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