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Important Next Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Hundreds of serious car accidents occur across America every day. As unfortunate as it may be, the reality is the odds of getting into a crash at one point in your life are high. Indeed, it might not be a question as to if you will get hit by a negligent driver, but instead a question of when.

With this in mind, it is important to prepare ahead of time in case you are ever caught in a car accident one day. Some foresight – and insight from a personal injury lawyer – can help you get through the situation by knowing just what to do after an accident. Best of all, it can also help you

Important steps to follow immediately after being in a car accident:

  1. Call for help: First things first, call for help if your accident caused an injury, significant vehicle damage, or left debris in the road. First responders can help treat injuries, steer traffic away from debris, and generally bring some order to a chaotic scene.
  2. Get contact information: You need to know how you can contact the other drivers and parties involved in your car accident. Ideally, you will get identifying information and insurance information. Someone driving without valid insurance is actually breaking the law, which makes it even more helpful to have already called for first responders.
  3. Collect evidence: If it is safe for you to do so, attempt to collect any evidence you can to show how the accident occurred and that you were not responsible for it. You should snap pictures using your smartphone, as well as use your phone to record testimonials from eyewitnesses. Be sure to also ask first responders for copies of any official reports they are going to file. The word of a firefighter, police officer, or paramedic can be hugely influential for your future claim.
  4. See a doctor: Even if you are not feeling seriously injured, you should not refuse any medical assistance you are offered at the scene of your crash. You could have subtle underlying injuries that will only get worse if they do not get diagnosed and treated. Assuming you are not taken a medical center for emergency room treatment, you should go to urgent care as soon after your crash as possible. Once again, this minimizes your risk of an injury worsening, and it also minimizes your liability for those injuries.
  5. Speak to a lawyer: Once you have a quiet moment to collect your thoughts and know that you are going to be okay, you should speak to a personal injury attorney. If possible, call a lawyer before you call your insurance company to report the crash. Your own insurance company is not exactly your friend and may try to find a way to duck out of providing coverage for you by asking leading questions. Speaking with your attorney beforehand prepares you for their questions, and any questions that the other driver’s insurance company will sling your way soon.

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