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At Skipper Law, one of our specific areas of practice is representing homeowners against HOAs and condominiums. We are one of the few lawyers in Maryland who are willing to stand up to these associations. We NEVER represent HOA and condominiums - we stand up for homeowners who are seeking for a just and fair remedy to their disputes.

If you are a homeowner dealing with an issue or dispute with your association, we are here tooffer you our top-notch representation. We work for you, not for your association, and you can rest assured that we are dedicated to helping you find a satisfactory solution. Talk to a Maryland HOA/condo lawyer with proven experience to represent you.

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Helping Maryland Homeowners Even the Playing Field

Throughout the years, we have seen the type of abusive behavior and bullying that property managers, homeowners associations, and their legal counsel engage in when it comes to their tenants. Whether you are caught in a cycle of disputing unnecessary fees or you are trying to dispute a fine that was assessed to you, we are here to help. You deserve to be treated fairly in the community and receive the same treatment all of your neighbors do, and you can rely on us to ensure that justice is served. We fight aggressively for fair treatment in planned communities throughout Maryland.

We can represent clients in a wide variety of HOA/condo conflicts, including:

  • difficulty relating to or denial of architectural change applications
  • preferential treatment of some but not all members of the community
  • Board dishonesty, self-dealing, or lack of transparency
  • Elements from common area cause injury, illness or damage
  • discrimination in the community
  • The Board threatens or engages in collection and adds fees to your account
  • The Board threatens to place a lien on your property
  • Abusive debt collection techniques, including towing or the taking of property rights

Don't allow Association members to abuse their authority and position of trust. They need to be held accountable for their questionable conducts. Skipper Law has the experience and know-how to find a solution that works for you. We can help you assert your rights and make sure that your HOA does not trample on these rights.

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